The alternative choice for chopped, dust extracted oil seed rape straw. Alto Bedding is naturally grown rape straw in Shropshire. It provides a warm dry and comfortable bed for your horse. The rape straw is chopped to a specific length allowing the inner pith to be exposed which aids in the absorption of wet in the stable. Alto Bedding is completely dust extracted as it goes through a complex dust extraction process before being baled into manageable size bales. Alto Bedding does not stick inside the hoof or walk like other beddings on the market. Call 01952 760031 for more information


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  • Deluxe Eucalyptus

    Eucalyptus was the original product introduced by Alto Bedding. With added Eucalyptus oils to keep stables smelling fresh during the cold months. This is a natural antiseptic which kills air-borne germs and is also a mild decongestant, helping your horses breathing through cold months. Added eucalyptus oil, a mild decongestant, especially beneficial to horses who […]

  • good for poultry owners

    Alto Bedding is ideal for use in poultry nesting boxes as it provides a soft, warm absorbent bed. Alto Bedding is a very popular choice for people who own chickens, especially those who keep them as pets and need good bedding that will bio degrade quickly. Alto Bedding  is another popular choice for poultry owners, […]

  • dust extracted bedding

    After lots of trials and tests with different machinery,  Alto Bedding are proud to announce that their rape straw bedding is now cleaned and dust extracted making it a more user friendlier product and keeping your animals health in mind